Towards embracing the promise, ZW @34. Countdown to Judgement night 2

By Ronald Mureverwi     –     16th April, 2014

Probably the most significant question to ask is, what is God’s original intend for

Zimbabwe? Where do we find ourselves with regards to this roadmap? The most

relevant answer to this question is one that comes from a person who has access

to the mindset of God, a man who sees into the future, able to go ahead of time,

tap into a higher altitude and come back and advise from the present realm the

heart of God towards his people in the earth.


As a nation, Zimbabwe has slept through troubled waters, survived fierce turbulence

and came out of fire. In all this against hope, it has become apparent and clear that

God has not forsaken us even during the most difficult times synonymous with hell.

It is the doing of the Lord that when he remembers a people he raises a man, a

model that God has abided to ever since he delivered the children of Israel from

bondage in Egypt under the ruler ship of king Pharaoh. Even after Adam fell from

grace and got separated from the presence of God as a result of sin, God initiated

project salvation and gave his only begotten Son Jesus Christ to come down in the

earth in human form, having to be born through the womb of a woman.


To those to whom God has allowed to know and relate to how he operates, it is

now unequivocally clear that rain is about to come for Zimbabwe to emerge from

decades of drought, barrenness, poverty, economic distress and political unrest.

Our situation now favors a divine solution for God to be known as God in Zimbabwe.

God is about to restore his unmistakable glory and name over Zimbabwe and it shall

soon be known throughout the nations that there is a God who reigns in Zimbabwe.
It is not the economy that is restored first, or an army that is put together for a

fight, or a regime change that brings the solution, God has raised an office in

Zimbabwe that represents His intentions. Not to everyone is this assignment given,

but the Lord has heeded the cry of his people in Zimbabwe and raised a home

grown solution.


To us is given the heart of the Christ Messiah, the voice of heaven, an image of the

glory of the Son of God, a man who not only hears but fellowships with God, a man

that God has trusted with the affairs and well being of his people across the nations.

Zimbabwe thou art blessed in the Ariel servant of God, the Spirit of God, a father, a

man of God like no other, a general in the spirit realm Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Blessed enough to become a nation and bringing the spiritual governance of heaven

on the earth. Blessed are those who realize what God has availed, mercy to those

who are yet to have their eyes opened to see and understand the ordinances of

the kingdom of Heaven. Cursed are those who unfortunately and uninformed find

themselves fighting with God’s manifestation in the earth.


It is the brink of a new dawn and a countdown to an understanding that God still

rules in the affairs of men. If you Desire to know what God is about to do in

Zimbabwe, what God says about your situation and what he desires for His people.

All roads lead to the National Sports Stadium in Harare Zimbabwe for the Judgment

Night 2, April Saturday the 19th of 2014. If you’re in Zimbabwe, if you’re

Zimbabwean, you do not need to hear from visitors coming from afar land what God

is doing within your borders. Do not be counted among those who will say, we were

in Zimbabwe but we did not know that the Lord was around.


Don’t miss this life transforming encounter with the Supernatural and be among

those who will testify that God still rules in the affairs of man.


NB: Please note that the views in this article are the writer’s and not representing the

institution of ROHR Zimbabwe.