15th November 2020

On the 14th of November, the North Branch held their monthly meeting on the Zoom platform from 14:00 till 15:18. Nontokozo Malaba Ncube chaired the meeting as Vice Chair was having issues with network.
Minutes compiled by Karen Nhakaniso

Register of Attendance
Vengai Mutsawu (North Branch Vice Chairperson), Nontokozo Malaba Ncube, Sheilla Mironga, Thabani Dube Muleya, Harriet Ndlovu, Lilian Nleya, Nicolate Gwati (UK Chapter Chairperson), Karen Nhakaniso (North Branch Secretary)

Farai Nhakaniso (North Branch Chair)


  1. Tapiwa Makore Ritual Killing
  2. Hopewell Chin’ono Arrest
  3. Recent Issues in Zimbabwe
  4. Branch Fundraising and Donations
  5. AOB

Tapiwa Makore Ritual Killing
Tapiwa senior’s twin has been arrested and is appearing in court, accused of having taken the head of Tapiwa. The family has received many donations from outside sources.
Members on the call were asked if there was anything that could be done to raise awareness around ritual killings.
As a branch we can write a letter to the Zimbabwean Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services raising this issue of children that are being sacrificed for ritual purposes in Zimbabwe.
The North Branch was tasked with gathering information on ritual killings of children in Zimbabwe after which the letter can be written.
Branch members to send information to secretary Karen by end of day Friday.

2. Hopewell Chinon’o Arrest

Hopewell has been arrested again as he is accused of having broken his bail conditions. He was very vocal on social media about the corruption rampant in Zimbabwe. It was established that the youth of Zimbabwe are very vocal about the affairs of celebrities for instance, the recent deaths of socialites Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kandugure or Moana without being active about cases such as Hopewell who is trying to highlight how corruption is affecting their everyday lives. As a branch we need to run a campaign about affairs that affect our lives. Our activism should be increased to highlight how people have been imprisoned, raped and abducted.
Many of the government officials that are charged with some form of corruption are not kept in prison.
Members agreed to run a campaign the main thrust of which would be to juxtapose the treatment of human rights defenders and that of ZANU-PF cronies by the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the captured Zimbabwean judiciary when faced with arrest and prosecution.
The introduction to the campaign could be satirical in order to draw attention. For example, we could start by thanking Zimbabweans for mourning Ginimbi and then go on to invite them to show the same level of enthusiasm in solidarity with incarcerated human rights defenders like Hopewell Chin’ono

Suggestions for hashtag:
#EventsOf2020 #CorruptionIn2020 #AYearInTheLifeOfZimbabwe2020
Time – Beginning of December for members to send their information

3. Recent Issues in Zimbabwe
Ineffective Emergency Services – the horrific accidents of Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kandugure.  The people in the car were burning alive because the emergency services did not have the tools to assist. Ginimbi himself was alive for 5 minutes after the accident and he died because of lack of emergency first aid on the scene.
This highlights the effects of corruption on the provision of essential services. Corruption empties public coffers thereby leaving essential services with no funding and hence, not functioning.

4. Branch Fundraising and Donations
People can raise funds the way they wish. Suggestions that came up included a bake sale, running a marathon to raise funds, ordinary donations or fundraising from as little as £5. Members to do whatever they can to raise funds, whatever amount will surely go a long way.
The opening of the bank account was to be handled by Pauline, Farai and Mr Karimanzira. Other branches have their own pots to deposit for the branch. Currently ROHR UK Chapter is working on the constitution to enable the opening of branch accounts. Vice Chair Vengai Mutsawu asked when a response can be expected from UK Chapter Board for account opening. We have yet to receive an update, Nicolate will chase the UK Board of Trustees for an update on the constitution.
The committee will go back and deliberate today and advise by the end of the week. Members should not stop fundraising efforts.

5. AOB
Meet Your MP Campaign – Nicolate Gwati confirmed that the letter will be ready by next week. Karen Nhakaniso confirmed she has information from Vengai, Nontokozo, Delina and herself. This information will be forwarded to UK Chapter Secretary Alvina Chibhamu.

All agenda items and any other business having been exhausted, Nontokozo Malaba Ncube concluded the meeting and declared it closed at 15:18hrs.

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By: Information & Publicity Department