24th May 2020

On Saturday the 23rd May 2020, the Scotland Branch of the UK Chapter of Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) Zimbabwe held a meeting via zoom. The meeting was on a zoom platform because it was impossible to hold a physical meeting due to the nationwide lockdown because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The meeting was chaired by Organising Secretary Vongayi Mufara.

Register of Attendance 
Alvina Chibhamu, Harriet Ndlovu, Olivia Chamboko, Abigail Wadzanayi Chidavayenzi, Mascilline Ndlovu, Lindah Chenyama, Vongayi Mufara, Thenjiwe Ndlovu and Paradzai Mapfumo.
Apologies were received from Mafoti Nyika. Delina Mutyambizi tried to join but failed due to connectivity issues.

1. Confirmation and Adoption of minutes of last meeting 
2. Welfare check on members
3. Campaign- idea and strategy
4. Subscription and Membership
5. Treasury Report 
6. Any other business 

The meeting commenced at 1400hrs when the hostess (Vongayi Mufara) opened the zoom and logged in everyone. Salutations were done by her and she acknowledged the long hiatus due to the lockdown. There was general good cheer as everyone agreed they had missed the group, the interaction thereof and also itching to do something due to the situation on the ground in Zimbabwe at the hands of the autocratic Zanu-PF regime. 

1. Confirmation and Adoption of minutes of last meeting
Secretary Alvina Chibhamu confirmed with all members present that the minutes of our last meeting on the 29th of February 2020 were correct and accurate.
The minutes were adopted.

2. Welfare Check on Members 
Vongayi Mufara instigated the welfare check on members and asked how everyone was fairing. We have within the group a wealth of knowledge and information that is/will be useful to our members during this lockdown period. 
-Alvina Chibhamu & Vongayi Mufara shared the Phone Top Up group where members can access phone credit should they need it.
– Olivia Chamboko shared Positive Action, which can be contacted for support upon assessment.
– Abigail Wadzanayi Chidavayenzi shared the ASH Project who are doing applications via the Refugee Survival Trust and SHAWN organisation. Collectively, they are helping with smart phones, dongles, top up and/or international calling credit.
– Vongayi Mufara shared Refuweegee and
– Alvina Chibhamu shared Unity for support with food parcels.
The list was by no means exhaustive so members would inbox the Secretary with any other helpful links to distribute to other members. 

3. Campaign
Vongayi broached the subject of Rape/Sexual Assault of women in Zimbabwe at the hands of the violent regime. For International Women’s Day 2020, ROHR Scotland had it in mind to do a campaign geared towards bringing the perpetrators to justice but that seemed to have been hampered by the lockdown. However, in spite of the whole world being on its knees with the Covid19 virus- Zanu-PF goons on the other hand do not seem to be cognisant of the fact and have not stopped their perpetual gross abuse of Human rights. Reports of the MDC Activists (Cecilia Chimbiri, Netsai Marova , Joana Mamombe) who were abducted by Zimbabwean state security agents, tortured and raped on Wednesday 13th May 2020 as well as the two Bulawayo sisters (Nokuthula and Ntombizodwa Mpofu) that were tortured and indecently assaulted by the Police on 16th April 2020 has incensed human rights activists the world over. To this end, the meeting discussed a campaign to address these and call Zanu-PF to justice. 

-Vongayi Mufara had earlier on circulated a video to the group to share an idea for this campaign. The meeting adopted the idea and agreed that each member was to contribute towards a script and each would take lines that would be rolled out as a short video, with possible sombre music playing in the background. 
-Members to use flags and/or wear their ROHR t-shirts (Thenjiwe suggested to wear black for those who did not have the T-shirts yet) 
-The meeting resolved to have sent the clips to the Secretary by Friday 29th May 2020 and then work on the editing will commence thereafter. 
– The meeting agreed to roll out the template to other ROHR Zimbabwe branches once the video was out. The other branches would then be invited to participate in this campaign based on the template.  All members present were happy with the idea and agreed.

4. Subscription and Membership
Alvina Chibhamu encouraged all members to ensure their membership fees and subscriptions are up to date. Vongayi Mufara explained the benefits thereof of keeping that in check. Olivia announced that the monthly subscriptions have been suspended for now as we are all on lock-down and things are incredibly tight for everyone and we will resume as and when it is deemed fit.  

5. Treasury
Harriet Ndlovu gave the Treasury report and told the meeting how much money the branch had left in the pot. She also gave suggestions on fundraising which were taken on board but can only be feasible once the lock-down is lifted. 

6. Any Other Business
Chairlady acknowledged our Board Chairperson and National Co-ordinator- Mr Paradzai Mapfumo, and a vote of thanks was extended to him for gracing the meeting with his presence and supporting the meeting today. He was given an opportunity to speak – during which he introduced himself to some of our new members but reiterated he was only there to support us today. 
Pictures of the zoom call were taken.

Olivia Chamboko, the branch chairperson, announced the date of the next branch meeting as 20th June 2020.

All agenda items and any other business having been exhausted, Vongayi Mufara concluded the meeting and closed it at 15:30 hrs.

To view pictures taken at the event, click here.

By: Information & Publicity Department