01st July 2017

ROHR Zimbabwe Central London Monthly Branch Meeting 1st July 2017 Report. The branch meeting was held at: Royal Festival Hall, Belvedere Road, South Bank, London SE1 8XX.


Chivizhe Lynette (Member); Diza Flemming

(Member); Kamhunga Chipo (Member); Katsonga Jane (Member); Jambawo Kingstone (Vice Information & Publicity); Jandles Deborah (Guest Speaker); Makonese Pythias (Information & Publicity);Mupotsa Bridget (Fundraising Committee member); Muteyerwa Mary (Chairperson); Nhau Morella  (Treasurer); Nkiwane Salome (Committee); Shambela George (Secretary); Sithole Namatirai Angela (Member)


Burke John (Member); Bvungidzire Sibongile  (Fundraising committee); Chingozha Patricia (Member); Mapfumo Paradzai  (National Coordinator); Tandi Margaret (Organizing  Secretary)


01) Opening Prayer

02) Introductions

03) Previous Minutes

04) Matters Arising

  1. Website Status
  2. Banner/Flayer
  3. Shipping Equipment
  4. Member’ Roles
  5. Voluntary Outreach


  1. Guest Speaker
  2. Fundraising & Financial Report
  3. Funeral Contributions

06) A.O.B.


Meeting commenced at 12:25hrs

  1.  OPENING PRAYER: –Opening prayer was given by guest speaker, Pastor Deborah Jandles.


The chairperson, Mary Muteyerwa, called the house to order and self-introductions were made at 12:30hrs

  1. Previous Minutes: –

Minutes of the 3th June 2017 were read by the chairperson. As there were no corrections Kingstone Jambawo proposed that the minutes be passed as a correct record, and was seconded by George Shambela.

  1. MATTERS ARISING: –(a) Website Status: –  The Secretary (George Shambela) informed members that the website was now running and ready for use. However, contributions were going to be made to cover the website costs.

    (b) Banner/ Flyers – The old (ROHR) banner was exhibited so that members could decide changes they would want to see on our new Central London Branch Banner. Pythias Makonese suggested that we keep everything on the banner and add Branch name. Printing of the branch flyer was approved pending the cheapest tender.

    (c) Shipping Containers: – The Secretary updated members regarding the purchase of the drum to pack books and pencils to Zimbabwe. This drum is now ready.
    Shipment of reading books and stationery will soon commence when all packaging is ready.

    (d) Member Roles: –
    The chairperson outlined the purposes of commitment and full participation especially of members with posts. She also hinted on the issue of absenteeism by executive members and the impact this is causing to the smooth running of the branch activities.

    Mr Makonese suggested a combined register to monitor and take proper action through its use. He volunteered to compile a draft proposal as soon as he gets all attendance registers from January up to date. This would reflect how members attend their meetings and appropriate action can be taken as this would allow the chairperson and the rest of the executive to use their discretion when and where necessary.

    (e) Voluntary Outreach: – This project, brain child of Lynette Chivizhe, is aimed at involving our members for voluntary services as they can offer into their local communities and at the same time raising awareness of ROHR’s aims and objectives.

    This could include identifying premises that welcomes voluntary services in their workplaces.
    The AIM of this outreach programme are:

  1. Promoting ROHR brand while raising human rights awareness at the same time.
  2. Prove our worth by giving something good to the community we live through the experiences we’ve.
  3. Gain a sense of recognition from the local communities we live.
01 George Shambela 05 Namatirai Angela Sithole
02 Flemming Diza 06 Pythias Makonese
03 Mary Muteyerwa 07 Salome Nkiwane
04 Kingstone Jambawo 08 Jane Katsonga

Examples were given such as charity shops, schools, churches and the British Heart Foundation.
Toolkit such as flyers promoting ROHR brand and a signed letter are always used in this campaign.

  1. TODAY’S BUSINESS(a) Guest Speaker – Pastor Deborah Jandles, of Zimbabwe Church of Progressive Movement (ZCPM), from Stoke-on-Trent representing ZCPM, is pushing for women’s participation in the mainstream society.

    The aims of ZCPM are to empower women and give them right to vote and stand up against sexual abuse, dubbed, “my right to vote, # is not your right to rape”.
    The speaker then, exhibited her pull-up banners which speak volume of ZCPM raising awareness against women abuse during the psych of Zimbabwe election.

    Mentioned in the speech was the likelihood of ZCPM partnering with ROHR Zimbabwe in peace building initiative and awareness campaign.

    Pastor Deborah Jandles answered members’ questions at the end of her well received address. She called for close ties with ROHR and said to liaise with the chairperson.

    (b) Fundraising Committee –  consist of two dedicated members, Sibongile Bvungidzire and Bridget Mupotsa.

    They work to raise money for non-profit, often bringing with them make shift canteen selling foodstuffs and refreshments.

    The petty cash raised here, is then invested as assets set aside for the branch’s specific purposes.

    (Actions) In addition to help fundraising Lynette Chivizhe identified another potential source, e.g. the sale of handmade carrier bags.
    Lynette Chivizhe highlighted that she is still working on the design of her bags.

    Sample of this will be shown at the next meeting.

    (c) Financial Report – The report was made by the Treasurer, Morella Nhau tabled and explained a summary of receipts and expenditure and balance sheet for the year from January to end of June 2017.

01 Total income to date £ 167.35
02 Expenditure  – £ 120.00
03 Balance brought down. £ 47. 35
04  Pledges £ 28. 00
05 Total Balance £75. 35

Afterwards, the treasurer, Morella Nhau announced that she was stepping from her treasurer post citing personal problems as the reason.

Further resignation notices were earlier received from the following members:
Plaxedes Damiso – former vice chairperson and Patricia Chingozha – former organising secretary.

(d) Funeral Contributions – The chairperson’s concern was around funeral covers as they bring about unanticipated expenses and how this could be funded.

We were in consensus of opinions, dissatisfaction on how this should be distributed.
Finally, the meeting agreed to a formality of providing the sum of £60, per funeral cover.
It was generally agreed that this is drawn from our culture embodiment.
However, mentioned was the entitlement to this type of funeral covers?
The meeting unanimously agreed that only committed members and their next of kin (spouses) must qualify for this type of funeral cover.

6. A. O. B.

The following were discussed under AOB:-

(a) Leicester #Take2Zimbabwe Demonstration & Leicester Refugee Week

(b) ROHR Zimbabwe Right to Vote demonstration in Leeds

(d) Announcements

(a) Leicester #Take2Zimbabwe Demonstration & Leicester Refugee Week, Kingstone Jambawo gave update on this.

(b) ROHR Zimbabwe Right to Vote demonstration in Leeds was updated by Mary Muteyerwa.

(c) Announcements

Next outreach event date is scheduled for Saturday 15th July 2017
Events agenda will be shortly announced afterwards.


There being no other business the chairperson closed the meeting with a prayer from Bridget Mupotsa at 15:45pm.

To view pictures taken at the event follow link below: https://www.flickr.com/photos/rohr_zimbabwe__manchester/albums/72157682982913433/with/35668467815/

Minutes prepared by: George Shambela

Secretary ROHR Zimbabwe UK Chapter Central London Branch

Cover Picture:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/rohr_zimbabwe__manchester/35668467815/in/album-72157682982913433/