21st April 2018,

On the 21st of April 2018 members of Restoration Of Human Rights Zimbabwe (ROHR) held a demonstration in Nottingham City Centre in protest against President Mnangagwa and his ruling party Zanu PF for the human rights violations that have been perpetrated against the Zimbabwean people since he took office on the 24th of November 2017.

High on the list of grievances was the firing of at least 15 thousand nurses on the 17th of April 2018. These nurses were striking for better pay and better working conditions and the government chose instead to not address their issues but rather fire them and start hiring inexperienced nurses and retirees in the nursing profession. The health system in Zimbabwe is ailing and this move by the government only serves to exacerbate the situation further. While government officials seek their medical treatment from countries like South Africa they expect everyone else in the country to make do with the poor medical treatment that is being offered in the government hospitals.

As Zimbabweans we are aggrieved by the many instances that the government have ignored the plight of the Zimbabwean people and have made decisions that are detrimental to not only the economy but to the lives of all the Zimbabweans who cannot afford private medical care. Some ROHR members raised the issues that were of concern to them;

Nicolate Gwati highlighted the issue of the $15billion diamond revenue that was stolen and was asking President Mnangagwa to ensure that this amount is returned as it is needed for the restoration of the country.

Lillian Nleya highlighted the shooting of the three civilian people that occurred on the 22nd of February and noted that nothing has yet been done apprehend the perpetrator. She also highlighted the issue of child labour in the tobacco farms as raised by the recently released report by Human Right Watch.

Weston Mupfururirwa highlighted that the nurses, teachers and doctors’ salaries were very low and that the government should improve these salaries.

Delina Mutyambizi raised the issue of Vice President Kembo Mohadi seeking medical help in South Africa instead of receiving it in Zimbabwe and she pointed out that the government should fix the issues with health system in Zimbabwe instead of the government officials seeking medical assistance in other countries.

Grace Makoni was concerned that people were dying in the hospitals as a result of the decisions made by government and she likened this to Gukurahundi but only that this was a silent killing.

Olive Ruvimbo Ruzvidzo highlighted the fact that trucks and cars were bought by the government but that this money could have allocated to keys areas in the country that are depleted.

N Douglas Kambarami highlighted the fact that the government bought cars for the traditional chiefs and yet there are no ambulances in the hospitals.

Paradzai Mapfumo made a special note about Itai Dzamara who has been missing since the 9th of March 2015.

Despite President Mnangagwa’s assurances that a new day has come for Zimbabwe since his inauguration the reality is that not much has changed for the common man in Zimbabwe and this cannot be allowed to continue. We urge President Mnangagwa to stamp out corruption in his government, to stop subjecting the citizens to military rule, for him and his government to respect the Constitution and to put the needs of the Zimbabwean people at the forefront of all the government decisions and actions.

Present for the demonstration were Nicolate Gwati, Tsungirirai Kahiya, Olive Ruvimbo Ruzvidzo, Grace Makoni, Marian Mangani, Weston Mupfururirwa, Lillian Nleya, Evy Muyezwa, Douglas Kambarami, Florence Mangisi, Zanele Ncube, Delina Mutyambizi, Paradzai Mapfumo, Phyl Chibanguza, Nunurai Machakaire, Shepherd Goro and Precious Moyo

To view pictures taken at the event, click here.

By: Information & Publicity Department