17th June 2023

On Wednesday, 14th June 2023, we, the patriotic citizens of Zimbabwe and supporters, were at Parliament Square, Westminster London, showcasing to the British government and the international community the matter of Job Sikhala, the Zimbabwean parliamentarian who has been languishing in prison for 365 days in a typical case of lawfare perpetrated by the rabid regime in Harare.

We will continue to call for the release of Job Sikhala and all the Zimbabwean political and human rights activists who are in a similar predicament. This includes Jacob Ngarivhume and all the lesser-known victims of the Mnangagwa regime.

Lest we forget, embedded in the Jacob Sikhala incarceration matter is the murder of Moreblessing Ali.

On this occasion, 3 members of ROHR Zimbabwe UK Chapter, namely Velisiwe Ndlovu, Praisego Munzhedzi Moyo and Sibongile Shoko, physically participated.

We, the patriotic citizens of Zimbabwe and the progressive world, remain unfazed by the recently passed “Patriotic Act”, whatever you choose to call it.

A bunch of wicked “men” will pass unjust laws. It is the duty of patriotic citizens to resist such laws. Slavery, The Holocaust, and Apartheid, just to mention a few,  were all legal when they were committed, all because of laws passed by delusional people in positions of power serving in governments.

For pictures taken at the demo, follow this link.


By Information & Publicity Department
Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) Zimbabwe.