UK Chapter Chairperson”s Policy Statement Number 1 of 2013

According to reliable sources in Zimbabwe the just ended referendum on the draft of the new constitution was held in a generally peaceful environment despite a few isolated incidences of violence prior to the poll.


As part of civic society ROHR Zimbabwe agreed that the new constitution was better than that which was born out of the Lancaster House conference, which had become patched up with amendments, most of which were of a suspicious nature.


Does Zimbabwe now have the capacity to hold free and fair elections? It is everyone”s guess what the future holds for our beautiful country, especially so taking into account the harassment of voters by state apparatus, militia and other groups of thugs sponsored by politicians and the continued persecution of human rights defenders and activists.


Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) Zimbabwe’s UK Chapter wishes to thank all members who have been faithfully paying their membership subscription fees in spite of the austere economic environment obtaining

For us in the UK and the rest of the diaspora to continue to be relevant, we need to maintain our thrust in educating the ordinary person on the ground in Zimbabwe about their rights and to aid the process of highlighting and recording cases of human rights abuses in Zimbabwe. This is, of course, in addition to raising awareness to the international community on human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.


To achieve the above, resources are needed. We have no other source of funding apart from subscriptions by our members.


Most of our members’ membership expired on 31 December 2012 and new cards are being issued. This process is being managed by the National Co-ordinator of ROHR Zimbabwe – UK Chapter, Mr Paradzai Mapfumo assisted by regional co-ordinators and branch leadership as delegated from time to time.


My appeal to all genuine members of Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) Zimbabwe is “Please update your membership subscriptions now.”


My committee has reaffirmed its commitment to maintaining our integrity by operating above board and within the confines of the UK laws. It is with this in mind that only bona fide members of ROHR Zimbabwe UK chapter will receive support from us in their Asylum and related claims or Refugee issues and we will not bear false witness under any circumstances.


If you are a bona fide member, we will also point you to rightful organisations we network with for help in your human rights issues.


By Chairperson – ROHR Zimbabwe UK Chapter


Billie Nedie