We espouse the founding principles in the founding document of ROHR, namely, The Notarial Deed of Donation & Trust of 30th August, 2007. We consider this document to be the basis for the existence of ROHR. To us, the issue is not about individuals and we will not align ourselves with individuals but with the correct position(s) at any given time.

Where changes occurred in the board at any given time, we accept those changes only if they were made in quorate meetings of the Board.

We acknowledge that the Board of Trustees is the custodian of the Notarial Deed of Donation and Trust and is responsible for the overall management of the organization.

We are of the position that all the resources and property (material or otherwise) in the custody of the organization, including those of a financial nature, are held by the Board or any other organ(s) or structure(s) of ROHR, only in trust for the organization and not as private property of individual members of the Board or any other organ or structure of the organization.

To this end, we insist on there being accountability and transparency in the handling and management of those resources and property and that there must be mechanisms in place to secure those resources against possible abuse or misuse by individuals at any level.

We also believe that the management of resources and property must be subjected to periodical scrutiny by professional bodies (e.g. audits) and that the results of such scrutiny /audits must be made public.

Where individuals or groups of individuals are alleged to have abused the resources and / or property of the organization, we believe that the details of such abuse / misuse must be shared with relevant Coordinating Committees (UK Chapter and Zimbabwe Chapter) and more importantly, that the law must take its course.

We also believe that, where there is reason to suspect abuse / misuse of the organization’s resources and property by individuals or groups of individuals and there is significant evidence to that effect, such individuals or groups of individuals must not be allowed to continue in office until they are cleared.

We are of the position that the organization has too noble a cause to belong to a single individual or a group of individuals and that its life must be perpetual.

We are going to continue working tirelessly for the human rights cause and to engage with members on the ground and the public in a transparent and forthright manner.

Where we may come across as aligning ourselves with particular members of the Board of Trustees, it will be purely because we deem their actions and position on the status of the organization to be the right position taking into account the details contained in The Notarial Deed of Donation & Trust of 30th August, 2007, the need for transparency and the general aims and objectives of the organization.

By Information & Publicity Department Chapter