Answers Campaign comes to life.

08 June 2017

Every problem that exist within the community or in the nation is a question that is waiting for an answer. In all sections of the community even outside of politics, we should develop a culture of addressing problems that we encounter in our immediate spheres. There is a lot that can be done outside of politics to inspire development within our communities. Complaining alone about what should have been done is not enough. Even when the mandated centers of responsibility have not done enough or not done anything at all, it’s a demand placed upon every person to provide an answer to the many available questions around.

With the aid of its development partner Pens UK, ROHR is taking a proactive stance to inspire community members towards addressing problems that will turn add value to life. On the 08th of June a donation of stationery, 2000 pens were handed to two schools in Mashonaland East Province by the ROHR ZIMBABWE Board Chairperson. Realizing the gesture, the school officials have appealed for further assistance towards addressing of more pertinent questions that can change the lives of more than 700 children enrolled within these schools in the area of ICT. An investment in ICT learning will be an answer that will impact many generations to come from the two schools.

Special thanks go to the ROHR UK Executive, Uk interim National executive headed by George Shambela, Mary Muteyerwa and her London committee, Tsungirirai Kahiya and her Midlands committee and Karen Nhakaniso and her Manchester and Liverpool committee. Under the leadership of Mr. Mapfumo and Mr. Karimanzira for the tireless efforts to bring answers home from thousands of kilometers abroad. A culture of answering questions, even smaller problems builds up precedence towards sustainable development.