30th August 2019

Today marks the 12th Anniversary of ROHR Zimbabwe, the leading organisation registered in Zimbabwe to champion, defend, promote and bridge Human Rights for all Zimbabweans.

We are proud and honoured to  continue to work side by side with the people of Zimbabwe, both within and outside of our borders, as we remain resolute on issues that remain outstanding from the First Republic of Robert Gabriel Mugabe and now even worse so in the Second Republic of Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa.

We salute today every man and woman, every boy and girl who is focused on upright nation building. Even as daily tasks get harder and at times impossible for so many on home soil and in diaspora.

The cry for sincere advocates and good and honest people in leadership and positions of influence has never been louder. We as an organisation heed that call and we will not stop until Zimbabwe is ‘a normal nation.’

 We are the chosen generation. We have built alliances and structures as well as a strong social capital base to persevere on with our efforts. We will not allow Zimbabwe to settle for mediocrity. We stand in the gap knowing always that we deserve better.

Let each and every member of ROHR Zimbabwe smile today especially and celebrate this day. Many fell by the wayside over the years but every drop of sweat, blood and tears shed we use to fuel our cause. It is a cause worth fighting for.

To every member, thank you for all your sacrifices and volunteering, above all, the love and concern for one another.

On behalf of all The Board of Trustees members and Executive Teams and Branch  Leaders- makorokoto, amhlophe, congratulations. 

Grace Mupfurutsa

ROHR Zimbabwe

Board of Trustees Chairperson