ROHR Fifth Board Meeting falls on Jubilee anniversary

Statement by ROHR Zimbabwe Board of Trustees –               16th January, 2013

The Restoration of Human Rights Zimbabwe held its 5th board meeting at the Meikles Hotel in Harare on the 14th of December 2012.
The Board of Trustee in attendance for the quorum were; Grace Mupfurutsa who retained her position as the Chairperson, Edgar Chikuvire who was appointed to Board Secretary, Ronald Mureverwi who was appointed to Vice Chairperson and Stendrick Zvorwadza who stepped down to be a Board Member. Justin Shaw-Gray was absent but remains the Board Treasurer.


Stendrick Zvorwadza resigned from the position of Vice Chairperson and Spokesperson for the Board of Trustees. He announced his plans to join mainstream politics. The trustees accepted his resignation. Close examination of the constitution provision for a change in his circumstances was duly undertaken. Nothing within the ROHR Zimbabwe constitution prohibits him from doing so. His participation within the organisation and all activities requires his conduct to be apolitical. As a precaution the board agreed to review the situation in three months time to ensure that there was no conflict of interest or actions which may develop to the detriment of the organisation. It was agreed that appropriate action would be taken as indicated. The ROHR Zimbabwe trustees welcomed Zvorwadza’s honesty and the provision to manage the transition in a transparent manner. His contribution over the years was recognised by all and all members wished him well in his future plans.

There will be a review of Justin’s position on the Board in three months as there has been no communication from him for over a year. Imbedded in ROHR Zimbabwe leadership is non- tolerance on the culture of entitlement. The shuffle of leadership is inspired to stir the organization in the direction of effectiveness. ROHR Zimbabwe will be recruiting up to five new Board of Trustees members within this quarter. It remains the organisation’s priority to be relevant and to fully participate in the development of a peaceful, just and free society that respects human rights.

ROHR Zimbabwe will be prioritizing a more humane approach in its activities. This will be characterised by more people owned interventions in the community, a stance that is already in motion. This will involve, among other things, spreading human rights messages, good practices and participation in empowering actions that are proactive and practical.

In her vote of thanks, the Board Chairperson Grace Mupfurutsa expressed distinct appreciation to all persons who are supporting the vision to see only the very best for Zimbabwe. She urged all those who have heeded the call and vision of ROHR Zimbabwe to remain focused and united.
The meeting coincided with ROHR Zimbabwe’s 5th anniversary. It was a celebration of an impactful journey of keeping the human rights agenda alive.
Individuals and organisations who have worked with ROHR Zimbabwe this past year were acknowledged and recognised. The Board of Trustees extends its heartfelt gratitude to all our members, partners and supporters. Your involvement allows the organisation to have a humane approach to reach out to those in our communities with needs. ROHR Zimbabwe continues to be committed to working with the people of Zimbabwe and those who support them in pursuing its vision and objectives. . ROHR Zimbabwe will continue building bridges, lobbying for the improvement of people’s lives in every way imaginable. It will always be our job to shine a light for Zimbabwe.