(13 April 2012) ROHR Zimbabwe has received complaints from villagers from Muzarabani, Mashonaland Central province on politicization of humanitarian grain scheme administered by Grain Marketing Board (GMB). The GMB humanitarian aid scheme is an initiative to arrest drought effects among villagers but it has been hijacked by ZANU PF members in the local government structures into a vicious political tool to discriminate on beneficiaries on partisan grounds. Under the food scheme, villagers should receive a 50kg bag of maize per a month, which is enough to feed an average family of 5.

ROHR Zimbabwe spoke to Mr Matonhodze, Provincial Secretary for National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration from the MDC, who spoke on behalf of the MDC supporters who have fallen victim to discrimination and denial of crucial right to access humanitarian aid.’The scheme is administered by the Provincial governor,  District Administrator in conjunction with traditional leaders, people who hold political positions in ZANU PF and as a result they select only beneficiaries who support their party’ said Matonhodze. Those implicated in the scam include among others Chief Kasekete who is known to be an ardent supporter of ZANU PF.


Mr Matonhodze told ROHR Zimbabwe that they had filed a report with JOMIC Provincial structures to seek readdress. Confronted on why they were giving food only to ZANU PF members, herdmen George Bumhira said he was taking direct orders from Chief Kasekete.


Matonhodze is appealing to those discriminating against MDC supporters not to open new wounds before the old ones from the past wrongs are healed.


ROHR Zimbabwe condemns the politicization of humanitarian aid for any purpose as this amount to gross violation of human rights. We challenge the coalition government to protect the rights of all citizens from degrading forms of discrimination.


For Peace, Justice and Freedom,




Also follow the link below for same statement appearing in Chrisis in Zimbabwe Coalition website; ––zanu-pf-hijacks-gmb-humanitarian-aid&catid=47:news