On Saturday 10th March, 2012 over 40 Zimbabweans congregated at Business Box, 3 Oswin Road, Brailsford Industrial Estate, Braustone, Leicester, LE3 IHR to attend a general meeting of ROHR Zimbabwe. This was part of an outreach programme by the National Executive Committee of UK Chapter seeking to reach out to members to update them and to seek members’ input in charting the way forward since the matter of misappropriation of funds and assets by the former Chairperson of The Board of Trustees, Ephraim Tapa came to light last year. The meeting was chaired by the National Secretary, Mr Christopher Chimbumu.

The main speakers were Billie Nedie, Panyika Karimanzira, Paradzai Mapfumo and Grace Mupfurutsa. Guest speakers were William Chimbetete and Pardon Tapfumaneyi, both of whom spoke on matters broadly in sync with the ROHR Zimbabwe human rights agenda.

The question and answer session that followed was a lively affair. Questions and suggestions came from the likes of Pythias Makonese, Delina Mutyambizi, Lorraine Mudjgiwa, Mary Chabvamuperu, Faith Muzemba, Leah Chikengezha, Maureen Ngwenya and Elector Zvorwadza

Suggestions that came up from the floor included the filling of gaps in the National Executive Committee, the re-imbursement of seed money contributed by branches towards the national fundraising event of 25th June, 2011 in Westbromwich, the recovery of www.rohrzimbabwe.org website, ROHR Zimbabwe’s Barclays bank accounts and the misappropriated funds and asserts from Ephraim Tapa. The National Executive Committee of the UK Chapter and the Chairperson of The Board of Trustees were jointly tasked to follow these suggestions through.

At the end of the meeting, people were served with food and refreshments, the provision and catering of which was done by some of the “ROHR Maureens”, namely, Maureen Mapfumo and Maureen Ngwenya.
The general mood and sentiment at the end of the day was that the road ahead was becoming clearer as members were now getting more information. There is still a long way to go before we can cover all the branches in the UK though.


New members that joined on the day included Getrude Makosvo, Anesu Mlauzi, Elector Zvorwadza, Martha Mbengo and Mordekai Mwerenga


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