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ROHR Zimbabwe Renews Leadership

ROHR-Zimbabwe renewed its leadership at its extra-ordinary board meeting on Thursday July 7 2011 at the Chelmsford Manor Conference, 8 Chelmform Road Avondale in Harare. The extra-ordinary board meeting was attended by five (5) out of the total of eight (8) board members.

The meeting was held in compliance of Section 8.3.7 of the ROHR Zimbabwe’s Notarial Deeds and Donation Trust, which is the organisations’ founding and guiding document. The meeting saw the elevation of Ms. Grace Mupfurutsa as the Chairperson, replacing Ephraim Tapa after a vote of no confidence was passed on the Tapa leadership. Stendrick Zvorwadza is the organisation’s new Vice Chairperson. Zvorwadza is one of the founding members of the organization. The office of Treasurer General will be served by ROHR-Zimbabwe’s founding member Mr. Justin Shawgray whilst the office of Board Secretary will be occupied by the organisatin’s long standing and founding member Ronald Mureverwi.
. The meeting expelled Mr. Ephraim Tapa, Mr. Tichanzii Gandanga and Mr Ray Muzenda from the board with immediate effect. The ROHR Zimbabwe Board of Trustees does not condone the behaviour of the three who have engaged in actions of gross misconduct, misappropriation of funds, criminal discharge of office and undermining of the ROHR constitutional provisions and corporate governance. Their actions are contrary to the organization’s constitutional aims and objectives as well as mission and vision statements
The new office bearers came into office after the extra-ordinary meeting recommended the restructuring of the organizational structure and systems. This saw the collapsing of the offices of President and Vice President into Chairperson and Vice Chairperson respectively and in response to the stakeholders’ needs and aspirations. The organisation also reduced the number of board members from eight (8) to the current number of five (5). This has placed ROHR Zimbabwe into a strategic position for meaningful interventions in its effort to effectively respond to the Zimbabwean crisis.

In her acceptance speech, Ms Mupfurutsa acknowledged the role played by the previous chairperson Mr. Tapa and wished him well with his future endeavors. She outlined that her immediate responsibility is to carry over with the tasks left unfinished by the Tapa administration and come up with strategic areas of innovations that will see ROHR efficiently and effectively discharging its mandate.

She highlighted that the restructuring exercise is a continuous process. This will see the review of all the organization’s documents and consultative meetings with members both within and outside Zimbabwe.

The ROHR Zimbabwe Board of Trustees also distanced itself from the ‘Yes we can movement’ formed by the outgoing Chairperson Ephraim Tapa citing that the abuse of ROHR Zimbabwe’s website to promote this venture is mischievous and unacceptable.

The Board of Trustees wishes Mr. Tapa, Mr. Gandanga and Mr Muzenda the best of luck in their respective spheres of life. They reiterated that the outgoing team’s contribution in ROHR-Zimbabwe remain priceless.