To all the members and supporters of ROHR Zimbabwe and Human Rights,
It is with great pleasure that I inform you of news from Zimbabwe that Sten Zvorwadza has been acquitted. Sten is the Vice Chairperson of ROHR Zimbabwe Board of Trustees and Spokesperson. He wrote to me as follows, “I have been acquitted from the accusations that I threatened to murder the ZANU PF thugs… Please forward my heartfelt regards to all the UK National Executive, members and supporters for the wonderful work they are doing. Thank you ever so much for the wonderful work you are doing.” Sten went on to express his gratitude for “… your total commitment” and is very proud of the developments in the UK National Executive.
We can all agree that this attack on his person and his personal business served no other purpose than to affirm that the issue of defending human rights in Zimbabwe is still significant, remains relevant and is growing in urgency. In this instance justice prevailed- eventually. For others though, it remains outstanding and they will not be forgotten. We therefore need everyone to accept this as fact and to invite them to work with us to curb current and future human rights abuses in Zimbabwe. As the time draws closer to the announcement and the process taking the country to the next elections, we have our work cut out and must respond accordingly.
I want to thank everyone for your support and diligence. I urge all human rights activists to work together and not be divided or to compromise our effectiveness by all means necessary. This includes building bridges and resolving our differences whilst actively participating united on the common ground. This demands of us to establish, to maintain and build strategic partnerships, solidarity partnerships and revive members and supporters who have been inactive. The meetings scheduled on the ROHR calendar will give us the opportunity to build on this and I urge as many of you to attend and actively participate. The activities in Zimbabwe will be further strengthened and increased so we need your support.
Warm regards

Grace Mupfurutsa
Chairperson, ROHR Board of Trustees