ROHR Zimbabwe condemns with utmost disdain the State Sponsored abduction and murder of yet another activist in Zimbabwe, Pastor Tapfumanei Masaya, who was abducted whilst campaigning for a CCC candidate in Mabvuku, Harare, by armed ZANU-PF and Zimbabwean State functionaries on Saturday, 11th November 2023.

What we now know to be his body was found at the intersection of Arcturus Road and Lobo Road in the Cleveland area of Harare on Sunday, 12th November 2023, a day after his abduction.

We call upon ZANU-PF and the government of Zimbabwe to stop sponsoring abductions, enforced disappearances, murder, and persecution of citizens who hold alternative views to those of ZANU-PF.

Zimbabwe’s constitution guarantees its citizens’ and residents’ rights and freedoms. These include rights to freedom of speech, demonstrations, association, etc. The State should uphold the rule of law and protect its citizens.

The African (Banjul) Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights also guarantee such rights and freedoms.

We call upon the President of ZANU-PF and Zimbabwe, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, to change his murderous ways and to lead his Government to start to respect the rights of the citizens of Zimbabwe, uphold the rule of law and restore human rights in Zimbabwe.

We also call upon the SADC and AU to condemn ZANU-PF’s blatant waywardness and call the Zimbabwean government to order regarding its apparent condoning of the abductions and enforced disappearances by not bringing to book any of the culprits of these heinous crimes over the years despite them being known.

We also call upon the UN, EU, US, UK and the international community at large to add their voices in the condemnation of ZANU-PF and the Government of Zimbabwe for being the architects of abductions, enforced disappearances, murders and general persecution of citizens who hold opposing views to those of the ruling party in Zimbabwe.


By Information & Publicity Department