4th July 2020

When they became aware of an initiative to feed needy children in Epworth, a sprawling impoverished settlement of around 200 000 residents south east of Harare, Zimbabwe by Caroline Bushu and Sandra Chikwama, founders of “Our Children Our Hope Organization”, members of the Scotland branch of the UK Chapter of ROHR Zimbabwe decided to support the initiative in a practical way.

Caroline Bushu and Sandra Chikwama started the Kids Breakfast in Epworth, one of the many makeshift kitchens that sprung up across parts of Zimbabwe, at the onset of the Covid-19 induced lockdown early this year, 2020 after realising that children were literally starving due to the failure of their parents to fend for them due to the lockdown imposed by the government of Zimbabwe.

Donations from the international community that were meant to mitigate the consequences of the lockdown had not reached the intended beneficiaries. Most of the donations had been corruptly diverted and converted to personal use by the President of Zimbabwe’s family and his cronies, a routine that has become standard since the current President of Zimbabwe Emmerson Mnangagwa came into power courtesy of a coup in November 2017.

The Zimbabwean government typically failed to support citizens during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Initially, Caroline Bushu and Sandra Chikwama’s makeshift kitchen catered for a hundred or so children but the number soon swelled to thousands.

This led to the appeal to well wishers to assist with mobilizing resources to keep the kitchen going.

The Scotland branch of ROHR Zimbabwe’s UK Chapter heeded the call and immediately set about mobilizing resources to help keep the Kids Breakfast Kitchen in Epworth afloat. They decided to send the “little” that they had mobilsed within a short space of time whilst they are working out a broader fundraising strategy for this particular cause.

Topping the list of donations was the branch treasurer, Harriet Ndlovu who donated £40.

Other members of ROHR Zimbabwe who donated at short notice are Olivia Chamboko £30, Vengai Mutsawu £5, Linda Chenyama £5, Lilian Nleya £5, Alvina Chibhamu £10, Vongai Mufara £10, Thenjiwe Ndlovu £10, Abigail Wadzanayi Chidavayenzi £20, Laina Murape £10, Edward Rhappozzoh £10, Panyika Karimanzira £10, Delina Mutyambizi £10, Emma Josaya £10 and Mercy Ndlovu £10.

The money was used to buy groceries and arrangements were made for the supplier to deliver directly to the Kids Breakfast Kitchen in Epworth.

The delivery was done on Saturday 4th July 2020 and was witnessed by Harare based representatives of ROHR Zimbabwe. (See pictures and videos).

ROHR Zimbabwe representatives arrived at the kitchen’s opening time, 0730hrs. They witnessed the long winding queues of children and at times, accompanying adults, waiting to be fed till 0900hrs. They also witnessed the health and safety system in place. This involved marshalling, social distancing, wearing of masks and washing of hands among other things.

The delivery comprised;-
20  x 10kg hupfu (maize meal), 20 x 2kg sugar  and 20 x Dovi (peanut butter) small bottles

On the occasion Caroline Bushu appealed to the public for more donations of funds and other resources. Some of the donations would go towards the tightening and maintenance of measures against the spread of corona virus.

She mentioned more masks for the children, some waterproof mats for the children to sit on, tents and lunch boxes.

She also mentioned clean water which she said was now scarce and was fast becoming the main challenge in the provision of the feeding service.

Caroline Bushu thanked Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) Zimbabwe for mobilizing resources and making the donation at such a short notice and said she was looking forward to working together in future to continue to provide this valuable service to the needy children of Epworth.

As at Saturday 4th July 2020, Caroline Bushu and Sandra Chikwama’s  Kids Breakfast in Epworth Kitchen was feeding 1120 (one thousand one hundred and twenty) children.

The Scotland branch of the UK Chapter of ROHR Zimbabwe hopes to continue mobilizing resources to support this initiative for the benefit of the struggling Epworth community.

Members of ROHR Zimbabwe who wish to donate towards this cause should contact the Organizing Secretary for the Scotland branch, Vongayi Mufara via the usual channels.

Members of the wider public who want to donate should contact Caroline Bushu via Facebook account (Carol Sandra) whose link is as follows;- https://www.facebook.com/carol.sandra.3979

ROHR Zimbabwe would like to thank Salani Mutseyami for bringing the Kids Breakfast Kitchen in Epworth to ROHR Zimbabwe’s attention via Facebook and all members of ROHR Zimbabwe’s UK Chapter for mobilizing the resources that made the initial donation on Saturday 4th July 2020 possible and for continuing to mobilize for future donations to the Kids Breakfast Kitchen in Epworth.

Videos and pictures taken at the occasion can be viewed on ROHR Zimbabwe website, facebook, flickr, blogspot and YouTube.
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By: Information & Publicity Department
Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR)Zimbabwe