25th July 2020

On the evening of Saturday 25th July 2020, the North Branch Committee held their monthly teleconference meeting. The meeting was chaired by branch secretary Karen Nhakaniso.
Register of Attendance
Karen Nhakaniso, Nontokozo Malaba Ncube, Petronella Mahachi, Magdaline Moyo and Pauline Makuwere
Farai Nhakaniso and Vengai Mutsawu
1. Organising July and August branch meeting
2. Agenda for branch meeting
3. Tasks to be completed prior to the meeting by committee members
4. Suggestions for future committee meetings
5. AOB

Meeting started at 18:10 hrs

NB: Magadaline had bad signal

1. Branch Meeting
Agreed upon day is 2nd weekend of the month
Due to the non activity of last month (July).
Suggestion is 1st weekend of August to catch up on July meeting
Then to do a meeting 3rd weekend earlier than the Leicester one to do the August one.
All on the call were in agreed for the two meetings.

2. Agenda for the 1st meeting
a) Karen highlighted the need to promote and inform branch members of the recently launched ROHR Human Rights Violations campaign.
b) Nontokozo noted that members need to be informed of the different campaigns that are currently in rotation. Petronella suggested that committee gather a brief for each campaign detailing what it is and how to take part. Karen noted the need to get our members on board and committing to these campaigns.
c) Nontokozo noted the importance of getting the branch to be more active in campaigns and groups. Let members make commitments to the campaign they want.
d) Pauline suggested that the north branch do a campaign in Zimbabwe like how Scotland raised money for Epworth food bank.

– Mavis Harrison Tshuma had a suggestion that we raise money for Orphanage in Bulawayo during Covid crisis.
– Everytime we meet can we have a contribution (£2-5) towards these fundraising or sponsoring campaigns/projects in Zimbabwe.

e) Pauline asked for a follow up of updated MP campaign letter so members can participate.
f) Get update on what is happening on the ground.
g) It is important to get members to understand that being a member is not an activist but participate. Play to your strengths.
h) Pauline asked if there was any way we can help vulnerable Zimbabweans here in the United Kingdom. How can we help these people as well?

Proposed Agenda for 1st August Meeting
(i) Welcome members and attendance register
(ii) Update of current situation in Zimbabwe
(iii) Segment about ROHR UK Campaigns and how members can participate
(iv) Project and Fundraising for ROHR North Branch in Zimbabwe
(v) How as an organisation we can help vulnerable Zimbabweans in the United Kingdom
(vi) Closing remarks

3. Tasks for Before Meeting
– Chase up with Delina about Banner mentioned last meeting.
– Write briefs about separate campaigns and how activists

4. Future Meetings
– Can chair and secretary not leave the suggestions for date and time of meeting open for all members to decide but rather just tell committee the time and date and whoever can make it comes.
Give two dates and time and then vote on the day and time from the two choices.

5. Any Other Business:

The meeting was declared closed by Karen Nhakaniso at 18:58 hrs.

By Information & Publicity Department