31st January 2021

On Saturday the 30th of January 2021 the South Branch of the UK Chapter of Restoration of Human Right (ROHR) Zimbabwe held a meeting on zoom. The meeting was chaired by Thabani Muleya –nee- Dube.

Minutes were taken by Sheilla Mironga.

Register of Attendance.
Nicolate Gwati, Laina Murape (South branch Treasurer), Thabani Muleya –nee- Dube (South branch Chairperson) , Panyika karimanzira, Sheilla Mironga (South branch Information & Publicity Secretary), Emma Josaya, Sarah Moyo, Vengai Mutsawu, Karen Nhakaniso, Nontokozo Malaba Ncube, Blessing Goronga, Margaret Jenkins and Nigel Mbohwa.

Current affairs happening in Zimbabwe
Office bearers

Meeting started 14:00hrs

Items discussed

Current affairs in Zimbabwe
The meeting started with Thabani Muleya summarizing the current state of affairs in Zimbabwe on the human rights front. This included the abuse of funds donated by the international community for the management of COVID-19 (e.g. test kits) and purchase of supplies such as masks and vaccines. She also referred to the case of Hopewell Chin’ono who was unnecessarily incarcerated for a considerable period for the umpteenth time. After the summary Thabani Muleya opened the floor for further discussion on the human rights situation in Zimbabwe.

An interactive session ensued during which everyone in the meeting participated and contributed.
There was also a lively question and answer session during which everyone present contributed to the ensuing discourse covering a wide range of topics, including ROHR Zimbabwe’s ongoing involvement with and impact on the activities on the ground in Zimbabwe

Officers Bearer
Thabani Muleya invited ideas from the flow as to how best to invigorate the South branch.
A number of suggestions were made. These included networking both within and outside the branch, welfare checks on a one on one basis amongst members as well as general interaction on a daily basis via telephone as well as across social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and Signal.
The meeting agreed to working towards having a full complement of the branch Executive Committee as soon as possible.

After considering a number of projects suggested from the floor, the meeting settled for the idea suggested by Sheilla Mironga of mobilizing resources to support the education of primary school children in Zimbabwe especially those from poor backgrounds. This was especially so considering the effects of Covid-19 lockdowns on education.
To this end, an appeal was to be made to all members of ROHR Zimbabwe’s UK Chapter for financial contributions as well for them to participate in the efforts to solicit for participation by the wider community.

Panyika karimanzira advised the meeting that there was a number of workshops in the pipeline aimed at training all willing ROHR Zimbabwe UK Chapter members so that they can work in any portfolio should they be elected or appointed to office within the structures of the organization.
He urged all office bearers to refer to the job descriptions supplied to them via email upon assuming office.

After giving a vote of thanks and all agenda items and other business having been exhausted Nicolate Gwati declared the meeting closed at 15:55hrs

To view pictures taken at the event, click here or follow the link below. 

By: Information & Publicity Department