29th November 2020

On Saturday the 28th of November, the South Branch of the UK Chapter of Restoration of Human Right (ROHR) Zimbabwe held a meeting on zoom. The meeting was chaired by Thabani Muleya Dube, the Chairperson of the branch.

Register of Attendance
Nicolate Gwati, Laina Murape, Thabani Muleya Dube, Marian Mangani, Panyika karimanzira, Harriet Ndlovu, Sheilla Mironga, Lilian Nleya, Alvina Chibhamu, Paradzai Mapfumo, Thobekile Phiri, Nigel Mbohwa, Silvanos Mudzvova, Chipo Kamhunga, Karen Nhakaniso, Sandra Chidemo, Blessing Goronga, Magadaline Moyo, Spiwe Mazai, Phylis Chibanguza, Emma Josaya.


  1. Introducing new leadership of the branch
  2. Encourage members to take posts which are still vacant.
  3. Campaign and raising awareness
  4. Fundraising – Sheilla Mironga
  5. South branch project in Zimbabwe
  6. Closing Prayer

Meeting started 14:00hrs

Items discussed

In her opening remarks, Thabani Muleya Dube summarised the human rights situation in Zimbabwe following on from the Midlands branch and North branch meetings she recently attended. She then introduced Nicolate Gwati, the Chairperson of the UK Chapter to make introductions.

Nicolate Gwati then officially introduced the Executive Committee of the South branch of the UK Chapter as-
Chairperson – Thabani Muleya -nee- Dube
Information & Publicity Secretary – Sheilla Mironga
Treasurer – Laina Murape

The meeting started with Thabi speaking about the updates on issues happing in Zimbabwe as a continuation from the previous meetings that she attended, the Midlands and the North branches. She mentioned about the need for the construction of bridges to access remote areas, not having proper emergency services in place, and the case of the burning house.
She enquired about the Chin’ono case update and opened the discussion to the panel, Nicolate responded and said he was on bail and the trial is still going on.  Shepassed on the batontomembers wo discussed about the continuation of campaignsand the issues affecting Zimbabwe. Everyone within the groupparticipated.
Nicolate asked if members had time to read the Zimbabwe Budget and nominate Panyika Karimanzira to highlight any areas that that caught his eye with regards to their implication on the state of the country. He elaborated on a few areas such as increase of tax on alcohol and cigarettes and how the budget is not in favour of the ordinary person in term of buying and importing cars. There was an encouragement to each member to take some time and read the budget

Campaign and human Violations
Panyika karimanzira encouraged members from all branches to engagewith the current campaigns that are already running and review after a few months and not to stretch our self with too many campaignsfor them to be effective. He talked about the danger to having campaign left unfinished and its effects on the reputation of the organisation as whole.
Panyika thanked the south branch for a job well done as a committee and he also urged the committee to find ways to encourage activism within the committee and branch. He informed the south branch about the Human Monitor team which monitors the violence happening and as members to report, share any violation so as to keep a permanent record that can lead to prosecution of people. Panyika reference the Gukurahundi, for members to refer to monitoring team from time to time to boost our activism.
Thabi talked about the violation of girls and women in Zimbabwe and asked them to contribute on the 16 days of activism campaign. Vongai Mafara is encouraging others to campaign.
Nicolate suggested to Alina Chibhamu to contribute on the discussion, she spoke about the current campaign and issue affecting people in Zimbabwe and what they were doing as branch.
Silvanos contributed on how people are abusing power within their offices in Zimbabwe and that the government needs to hear our voices and they can hear us if we arise and stand up as ROHR.
Sandra from the Midlands branch touched on issues of the government trying to silence people, not having a working health care system and the payment of adequate wages to teachers.
Nicolate assisted Thabi by pointing out for members on mute to participate during the meeting and explaining to those who joined late on the topic discussion.
Blessing Goronga talked about Tuli Ncube’s story onpeople not allowed to import cars which are more than ten years old and said the government is copying more developed countries like Kenya and not thinking of its own people. He mentioned Hopewell Chin’ono’s social restrictions that is affecting him to do his job as a journalist. Blessing encouraged members to post more on social media to raise awareness.
Magadaline mentioned her involvement of work with the Right to Remain where they are campaigning to try and stop people from going to report to the Home Office especially during this time of Covid.

Fund raising
Sheilla Mironga suggested that members can hold tea parties on zoom and they should agree on the amount of money each member can pay and those who can afford it can pay more.
She also suggested members to walk certain numbers of steps a week then add them up for the month and pay the agreed amount for example £3 a month. The collection of pennies a month or quarterly then change them to notes and put in the branch donations pot.
Margaret stated she is willing to help with getting sanitary wear for the girl child and said she would donate £10 to start our branch pot. She mentioned that the south branch used to be strong in activism and she likes to support where help is needed.
Thabi encouraged theSouth Branch members to think and come up with ideas on ways to raise money for our pot, for every project to be a success we need money. She talked about not waiting of meeting but to discuss among our self as members.
Margert Jenkins from Scotland joined the meeting and praised the fund-raising ideas that had been suggested. She said she was willing to contribute £10 and would forward the money to Mr Mapfumo and narrated how ROHR was started in London. She mentioned shipping to Zimbabwe sanitary for girls and women.
Sheilla Mironga suggested south branch to think of acquiring sanitary for girls and women in Zimbabwe as our 2021 project.
Nicolate additional words for the branch were to find a project as soon as possible, and supported fund-raising ideas raised. She suggested that each branch member pay £5 to kick start the pot.

Closing prayer by Sheilla Mironga

Meeting ended 15:20hrs