11th May 2017

ROHR Zimbabwe Manchester/Liverpool Branch Committee Teleconference Meeting Thursday 11th May, 2017 (Report)








Attendance Register:


Chairperson: Karen Nhakaniso

Organising Secretary: Silvanos Mudzvova

Information & Publicity: Farai Nhakaniso

Secretary: Shelton Mhlanga

Coordinator: Lorraine Mudjgwa

Branch Fundraiser: Kelly Mutasa

Advocacy & Mentorship Executive: Delina Mutyambizi


Treasurer: Thobekile Gumbo,

Branch Fundraiser: Caroline Madondo

Teleconference Started at: 18:30hrs

Agenda of meeting:

  • Finalising on #Take2Zimbabwe Event to held on 13/05/2017 in Manchester City Centre

Issues Discussed & Action Points

  • Protesting Aids to be made available at the event. The ROHR Zimbabwe UK Chapter Banner should be collected from Panyika Karimanzira by Shelton Mhlanga, who will bring the banner to the event. Farai Nhakaniso to contact Panyika Karimanzira to coordinate the handing over of banner to Shelton Mhlanga for this event.
  • Delina Mutyambizi & Karen Nhakaniso to contact and invite Zimbabwe Opposition Parties to the event. These political parties to be informed that they will be given a slot to address the gathered activists and the UK public.
  • Farai Nhakaniso suggested holding an after event social gathering – at Raka Raka Zimbabwean Restaurant. A social gathering will assist in networking with like-minded Human Rights Activists. Farai Nhakaniso to organise.
  • Shelton Mhlanga volunteered to compile the Media Report for the event – which will be sent out as a ROHR Zimbabwe Press Release.
  • Fundraising Team of Kelly Mutasa and Caroline Madondo to coordinate the bringing of snacks and water to the event for the activists.

Teleconference Finished at 19:15 hrs.

Compiled by:

Shelton Mhlanga

Secretary ROHR Zimbabwe UK Chapter Manchester/Liverpool Branch

Cover Picture:- https://www.flickr.com/photos/rohr_zimbabwe__manchester/34016219846/in/album-72157680841725600/