26th August 2017

Restoration of Human Rights Zimbabwe (ROHR Zimbabwe) Midlands Branch Monthly Branch Meeting 26th August 2017 Report. The branch meeting was held at: Coventry Central Hall, Warwick Lane, CV1 2HA.

Members Present:  

Nicolate Gwati, Tsungirirayi Kahiya, Weston Mupfururirwa, Kauza Mugarisanwa, Lenny Banda, Shelton Mhlanga, Vincent Mwase, Shamiso Moyo, Lloyd Mashonganyika, Olive Ruvimbo Ruzvidzo, Joyce Bepete, Bethuli Makuwe, Sibonile Mlotshwa, Greyson Petros, Judith Phiri, Gamuchirai Phiri, Sandra S Chidemo

APOLOGIES: Chinofunga Ndoga, Grace Makoni,




Agenda Points:

  1. Activism
  2. Fundraising Initiatives
  3. Upcoming Events on Calendar
  4. National Meeting 23rd September 2017

Tsungirirayi Kahiya chaired the meeting,

  1. ACTIVISM – It was suggested that we should have a demonstration to coincide with ROHR Zimbabwe’s 10th year anniversary on the 23rdof September 2017 protesting against Grace Mugabe beating (abusing) Gabriella Engels. We will be doing research on all the other human rights violations that Grace has committed and this will be coordinated by Vincent Mwase. We should have all the information by the 15th of September

It was stated that there are many Zimbabweans living in Coventry and that as a branch we need to find ways to engage with them so that they can participate in standing up against the human rights violations that are being faced in Zimbabwe

  1. II) An idea to have an e-magazine was explored where we could have people writing different articles highlighting incidents of human rights violations in Zimbabwe and also we could sell advertising space in this magazine to raise funds. This magazine would be hosted on the ROHR Zimbabwe website. Greyson Petros is looking into what it would take to have this magazine operational

III) An idea was also raised to have the Zimbabwean Embassy shut down for an extended period as people demonstrate against the government.

  1. IV) It was also suggested that we should demonstrate outside the South African Embassy protesting against what Grace Mugabe did. In our protests we need to highlight what we as ROHR Zimbabwe think about what Grace Mugabe did to Gabriella
  2. V) Nikki will apply for the permission from the Nottingham City council as we plan to walk from the Market Square to the Youth Centre
  3. VI) It was highlighted that we as ROHR Zimbabwe need to attend events that are planned by other Human Rights organisations that are not just Zimbabwean organisations here in the UK and piggyback on what they would be doing.

VII)  We should also embark in helping other organisations in their humanitarian work e.g. organisations that help the homeless. We could go in our t-shirts and helps with things like the soup kitchens

VIII)  When our branch fliers are ready we need to distribute them to various organisations

  1. FUNDRAISING INITIATIVE – It was suggested that we should do ROHR Zimbabwe wristbands that we can sell at the celebration
  2. I) We can also have branded shopping bags, caps, key rings, scarves and t-shirts. Olive Ruvimbo Ruzvidzo will find out the costs of branding bags and caps and Bethuli Makuwe will look into the branding of key rings. People checking on products should also take photos of the products that the suppliers have so that we can see the quality of their products before placing an order and should get back to us by Friday the 1stof September
  3. II) We currently have £91.07 in our account



I)On the 30th of August there will be a demonstration at 13:48 that has been organised by ZHRO and MDC protesting against political violence and highlighting people who have disappeared like Itai Dzamara

  1. II) WOJA is also holding a demonstration on the 15thof September in London that will move from the Parliament to Downing Street highlighting women who get abused and raped in the lead up to 2018 Zimbabwean Elections

III) There is an anti-racist demonstration that is being done by the labour party on the 24th of September

  1. IV)  Nicolate Gwati is planning a sleep over for the ladies at the end of October 2017 so that we can get to know each other and share ideas as women and the cost will be about £13 and this covers 3 meals and board


  2. I)      The cake and disco are being sorted out by the national office
  3. II)    We will be catering for about 100 people

III) Card Factory does personalised balloons and Tsungirirayi Kahiya will look into doing that

  1. IV)  We need to decorate the VIP tables and we can get paper table cloths from Poundland and also use the Zimbabawe flags and ROHR Zimbabwe banners as decoration
  2. V)    On the menu we will have rice, sdza, jolof rice, roast chicken, stewed chicken, stewed beef, roast sausages, maguru and mazondo and beans
  3. VI)  Judith Phiri will do fried rice and beef stew for 25 people and she is donating the ingredients as well

VII) Gamuchirai Phiri will do fried rice for 25 pople

VIII) We need to ask Delina Mutyambizi to make some sadza for us

  1. IX)      Nicolate Gwati, Tsungirirayi Kahiya and Lillian to sort out the stewed and roasted chicken
  2. X)       Bethuli Makuwe will help with the salad preparation on the day
  3. XI)       Coleslaw salad will be bought by Lenny Banda from COSCO as a donation

XII)      Lenny Banda will be coming early to do the beef stew

XIII)    We have about 50 assorted drinks so far

XIV)    We need to get peanuts and crisps for snacks

  1. XV)      We also need to get fruit juices from COSCO

XVI)    Lenny Banda has 8 chaffing dishes that we can borrow but we need to buy the burners for them        

To view pictures taken at the event follow link below:


Minutes typed by: Nicolate Gwati

Secretary ROHR Zimbabwe UK Chapter Midlands Branch

Cover Picture:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/rohr_zimbabwe__manchester/36699755171/in/album-72157688156136555/