7th March 2021

On Saturday the 6th of March 2021, the South Branch of the UK Chapter Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) Zimbabwe held a meeting on zoom at 1400hrs. The meeting was chaired by Thabani Muleya Dube (Branch Chairperson)

The minutes were taken and compiled by Shalom Gunda (Branch Secretary).

Register of Attendance
Laina Murape, Thabani Muleya Dube, Panyika Karimanzira, Sheilla Mironga, Abygail Makope, Delina Mutyambizi, Emma Josaya and Mr Billie Nedie


  1. Current state of affairs in Zimbabwe
  2. Education project
  3. Effective campaigns
  4. Portfolio holders

Current state of affairs in Zimbabwe

The meeting started with Thabani speaking about current affairs happening in Zimbabwe. Laina contributed how three MDC women were arrested in the presence of Professor Lovemore Madhuku for standing in solidarity with Makomborero Haruzivishe, yet only the ladies were arrested.

Sheilla spoke about President Mnangagwa’s involvement in the eviction of 12500 families of Chilonga village of Chiredzi from their ancestral land to grow grass for dairy cows.

Panyika Karimanzira elaborated on the reason of the eviction being the minerals in the area.

Shalom Gunda shared the story of four top Zimbabwean government officials, namely Owen Ncube, Isaac Moyo, Godwin Matanga and Anselem Sanyatwe who were recently added to the list of individuals placed under targeted sanctions by the UK government. They had their assets frozen, and a travel ban into the UK was also imposed on them. This is following the UK government making good on holding people to account after these four were found responsible for gross human rights violations – including the deaths of 23 Zimbabwean protestors.

Abygail Makope contribution covered the everyday hardships facing Zimbabwe and why our support is important.

Thabani concluded by encouraging members to raise awareness on all these human rights violations.

Education Project

We still need to decide on which children to fund. The delay is due to school closures because of the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic and the criteria to use. We decided to keep fund raising for the project. The branch committee were to discuss on proposal and choosing candidates and involving one or more board members to help and guide us on our final phases.

Effective Campaigns

Sheilla Mironga suggested that we focus more on issues affecting child welfare since the education project is targeted to the children. We agreed as a branch to continue with these campaigns throughout the year covering child homelessness, street kids, the right to food, education, and shelter.

Emma suggested we do a campaign on Maternity Mortality, basing our stories on issues affecting women on a daily basis such as lack of proper facilities, medical treatment during and after giving birth.

Panyika Karimanzira and Delina Mutyambizi explained on the bank account opening and problems we are facing during the process as branches and why it is a top priority of the organisation. They were responding to a question raised by Abygail Makope querying the use of a personal account. Thabani and Delina encouraged activism within the branch. Delina urged all branches and members to be involved in our future campaigns and sharing across all social media platforms.

New Office Bearer
Shalom Gunda was welcomed as branch secretary and members were encouraged to volunteer for vacant posts.


Mr Nedie joined the meeting during the vote of thanks. He gave his apologies for joining the meeting late as he was otherwise engaged in another meeting. He was afforded an opportunity to speak and encouraged members to attend an upcoming discussion to do with ROHR Zimbabwe as an organisation and other topics.
Thabani thanked the South Branch for a job well done, for supporting others and reaching out, so we can gain experience from other members/branches.

All items on the agenda having been exhausted, Thabani declared the meeting closed at 1545hrs.

To view pictures taken at the event, follow this link.

By: Information & Publicity Department