8th August 2021

On Saturday 7th August 2021, the South Branch of the UK Chapter Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) Zimbabwe held a meeting on zoom at 1400hrs. The meeting was chaired by Thabani Muleya (Branch Chairperson).

The minutes were taken and compiled by Shalom Gunda.

Register of Attendance
Thabani Muleya, Sheila Mironga, Panyika Karimanzira, Nicolate Gwati, Blessing Goronga, Edineth Mtengwa, Silvanos Mudzvova, Laina Murape, Shalom Gunda, Malvern Dengu, Rosemary Guveya, Lilian Nleya, Emma Josaya, Maruwiza Nkhambala.

Thabani Muleya Dube declared the meeting open at 14:00 hrs.


  1. Current situation in Zimbabwe.
  2. The current situation in the UK about for Zimbabweans facing deportation
  3. Any Other Business

Current situation in Zimbabwe.
The meeting started with Sheila talking about raising awareness about how the girl child is treated in Zimbabwe. The meeting went on to discuss the story about the pregnant 14-year-old who died during childbirth. Anna Machaya (14) was married off by her family to Hatirarami Momberume (26). Hatirarami was charged with her murder for failing to take Anna to a hospital when she went into labour. Nicolate spoke about how alarming it is that such things are happening and how the government is aware but does nothing about it. Maruwiza emphasised on the importance of us raising our voices on this issue. Thabani brought up the issue regarding compensating the family and Edineth added that the family wanted to give their younger daughter to the same man. Rosemary gave us more background information about the young girl who died.
Silvanos Mudzvova mentioned that it has been happening for a long time and that it will be difficult to change. He also spoke on the Malawi killings of the albinos and he suggested flooding the President’s timeline to raise awareness. Thabani added that it is important not to just rant on the group chat but to keep raising awareness through writing on different platforms. Lilian spoke about how we can help the girl child.

The current situation in the UK about for Zimbabweans facing deportation
Thabani thanked everyone who has been attending the protests against the deportation of Zimbabweans.
Nicolate encouraged everyone to try and participate in these protests.
Mr Panyika Karimanzira updated the meeting on the actions the leadership of ROHR Zimbabwe had done so far regarding the impending deportations.
Sheila decried how the UK media was not covering the demonstrations.
Nicolate spoke about trying to get more members involved by speaking to peers and other people and encouraging them to come out and protest.
Silvanos raised the issue of capacity within ROHR as people get busy with their lives and not fully commit to branch matters. Emma added that it may help to speak with leaders of other organisations to try and encourage people to attend demonstrations.

Any Other Business
Thabani brought up the matter about the South branch’s project of sponsoring some school children’s education in Zimbabwe by paying their school fees. She encouraged members to donate generously towards this cause.

Thabani thanked the South Branch for a job well done so far.

All agenda items and any other business having been exhausted, Harriet thanked everyone for attending and declared the meeting closed at 1535hrs.

To view pictures taken at the event, follow this link.

By: Information & Publicity Department