4th July 2021

On Saturday 3rd July 2021, the South Branch of the UK Chapter of Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) Zimbabwe held a meeting on zoom at 1400hrs. The meeting was chaired by Thabani Muleya (Branch Chairperson).

The minutes were taken and compiled by Laina Murape.

Register of Attendance
Thabani Muleya, Sheila Mironga, Malvern Dengu


  1. Update on humanitarian work of the branch in Zimbabwe
  2. Fundraising
  3. Current situation in Zimbabwe.
  4. Any Other Business

The chairperson declared the meeting open at 14:00 hrs.

She introduced Malvern Dengu who was in the process of becoming part of the Executive Committee of the South branch.

  1. Update on humanitarian work of the branch in Zimbabwe

The branch had since managed to pay their first school fees in Zimbabwe for five students. The students names are Tariro Baketi (grade6), Tanyaradzwa Muleya (grade6), Takemore Chimusumba (grade6), Nomsa Ngorezha (grade6) and Gladys Chiture(grade 6) all ofof Zurungowe Primary School in Chinhoyi. The children and the school expressed their heartfelt gratitude.
Thabani brought the issue of homelessness in Zimbabwe and how we can help as a committee, working with the rest of the branch.

2. Fundraising

Thabani spoke about how the branch has grown by taking up responsibility and she suggested that people contribute or raise £20 each so she can grow the money e.g selling sweets etc and then pass on to ROHR.
Sheila thanked the committee for doing the wonderful job of paying the school fees of the five students and said that it should keep motivating us to do more a branch.
She added that as we wait for the UK Chapter to attain charity status, we have to be creative in the area of fundraising. She encouraged everyone to keep up with their active work. And to be on the lookout for international events taking place.

3. Current situation in Zimbabwe

Thabani spoke about the campaigns that took place during the week and the rally she attended about the injustices happening in Zimbabwe and how motivated she got seeing other people speaking and doing things for Zimbabwe. Sheila spoke about how the government is not doing enough for children and their welfare in Zimbabwe, even the poorest are not being taken care of and that if we keep making noise about these issues, maybe something can start to happen.

Thabani added how the committee has come a long way from when they started and that everything done now to raise awareness for Zimbabwe is good enough and gets perfected with time. Thabani spoke about she also attended the rally and how fired up and motivated she got. Thabani said she had the privilege of talking to a woman who was in ROHR and she congratulated her as well as she told them about how funds used to be available for Zimbabwe.  However, the funds were blocked because of the government and how the government is moving further and further away from being trusted as a country.

Malvern spoke about how impressed he was when he attended the rally. And spoke about the young people who are using their voice to speak about these issues. Malvern hopes our voices will make a difference.

Thabani encouraged everyone to speak to more people they know to join ROHR.

4. Any Other Business
There was no other business.

All items on the agenda having been exhausted, Thabani declared the meeting closed at 1510hrs.

To view pictures taken at the event, follow this link.

By: Information & Publicity Department