04 May 2017

ROHR Zimbabwe Midlands Branch Committee Teleconference Meeting Thursday 04th May, 2017 (Report)

Attendance Register:


Chairperson: Tsungirirai Kahiya,

Vice Chairperson: Olive Ruvimbo Ruzvidzo,

Treasurer: Grace Makoni,

Organising Secretary: Lungile Dlodlo,

Secretary: Nicolate Gwati,

Fundraising Committee Member: Lovemore Patrick Mzondo.


Information & Publicity: Chinofunga Ndoga,

Member: Mary Chabvamuperu


Deputy Information & Publicity: Agnes Mugumbe,

Teleconference Started at: 18:08hrs

Agenda of meeting:

  • Discussing: Fundraising Event in detail and the sharing of duties

Issues Discussed 

  • The Venue: it was confirmed the venue has been booked to finished at 21:00hrs and an invoice of £75.00 will be waiting on arrival. Tsungirirai Kahiya will provide the additional £25.00 that is required since the branch only had £50.00.
  • Programme for the day: It was concluded that we wont have a long programme of presentations (speeches) in order to allow for greater length of time being spent on members mingling and getting to know each other and also sharing of ideas.
  • Duties:
  • Chinofunga Ndoga and Nicolate Gwati will be responsible for the barbeque.
  • Tsungirirai Kahiya will be the DJ
  • Grace Makoni will be selling the tickets for the food
  • Olive Ruvimbo Ruzvidzo, Lungile Dlodlo and Lovemore Patrick Muzondo will be serving the food
  • Price for food: was agreed to be £10.00 per plate which will include meat, salad and a drink.
  • What people are contributing towards the barbeque:
  • Lungile Dlodlo – potato salad
  • Olive Ruvimbo Ruzvidzo – sadza
  • Mary Chabvamuperu – Rice
  • Nicolate Gwati – Vegetables cooked in peanut butter and chicken
  • Lovemore Patrick Muzondo – Hamper that will be used as winning prize for raffle

Action Points:

  • Tsungirirai Kahiya to go to Rugby to buy meat and will receive an additional £10 towards the fuel costs
  • Olive Ruvimbo Ruzvidzo to check if we have enough paper plates and will to up if required
  • Grace Makoni will swap the canned coke drinks with other soft drinks to give variety of choice
  • Grace Makoni and Lovemore Patrick Muzondo to update us on other fundraising activities they come up with for the day
  • Nicolate Gwati to buy charcoal, green vegetables, peanut butter and keep all the receipts for reimbursement.

Teleconference Finished at 19:30 hrs.

Compiled by:

Nicolate Gwati

Secretary ROHR Zimbabwe UK Chapter Midlands Branch


Cover Picture:- https://www.flickr.com/photos/rohr_zimbabwe__manchester/32884503274/in/album-72157680010865281/